The rise of indie beauty brands

The rise of indie beauty brands

With consumers of beauty products becoming more mindful of how their money is spent, and expecting more from the companies they choose to do business with, indie beauty brands are on the rise.


Inclusivity and Diversity

In recent years, the demand for products that cater to a more diverse population has increased significantly. Customers have been frustrated by the lack of options available with big department store brands. By prioritizing diversity and inclusivity in their products lines, and offering more choices for people of color, Indie brands are able to stand out from their mainstream competitors.


Safer Beauty and Sustainability

There’s also a growing preference for more non-toxic, organic, and natural makeup, skincare, and hair products. Consumers care what’s in the products they’re using, as well as the social and environmental impact of the brands they choose. It’s important to customers in today’s market that the companies they spend their money with, take things like ethical sourcing, responsible packaging, and sustainability seriously.


Social Media and Influencer Marketing

How have indie beauty brands commanded so much of the market share in a space that has historically been difficult for smaller companies to succeed in? Through social media and influencer marketing, these brands have been able to make their stories part of their customers’ experience, establish brand authenticity, and connect with their them on a more personal level than multinational companies.

So, what does the rise in indie beauty brands mean for consumers? With the ability to interact with customers more directly through their social channels, it means these brands can be more responsive to consumer needs, and offer more options as a result. And with mainstream brands spending millions on advertising and shelf space at major retailers, indie brands also have the ability to offer higher quality products at competitive prices.