About Me

As a Haitian-American woman, finding the best makeup brands for my darker skin tone has always been a hassle. I would wander through the big box beauty stores struggling to find the right shades and tones to compliment me. If I was lucky, I might walk out with one or two products that truly reflected the color of my skin.

It was in one of those moments that I realized everyone should have a variety of options when it comes to beauty products—regardless of their skin tone. That’s when the idea for Indie Skyn was born.

My Mission

As the founder of indieskyn.com, I am passionate about finding beauty brands that make inclusivity and diversity a priority in their product lines. As a customer, you shouldn’t have only one or two options when it comes to makeup, skin-care, or hair products. And you shouldn’t have to shop several different stores for a handful of products to meet your needs. That’s why I’m committed to offering the best indie beauty brands, with a range of options, so you can find everything you need in one place. Welcome to Indie Skyn!